QSOCS: Best Institute For VLSI Training

25th November 2018, Bangalore: QSOCS is a Bangalore- based educational institute which trains students of electronics in the field of VLSI technology. It offers courses ranging from 6 months full time to internship programs and even weekend courses.

QSOCS is a joint venture by a team of highly inspired professionals who have a collective experience of over 50 years in the semiconductor industry. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that the unlimited career opportunities and state of art technology, is easily available to the new generation of Indian students.

The most pertinent challenge of the modern semiconductor industry in India is a shortage of gifted and skilled professionals. This is also a hurdle for tier-1 global semiconductor majors who wish to execute their core projects in India. As per studies and research, there exists a huge gap between supply and demand of skilled labour force in Indian semiconductor industry.

In contrast to the software industry, the semiconductor industry requires electronics engineers having specialized skills. Though thousands of electronics engineers pass every year in India, they are found to lack in finishing touches and practical acumen related to the basics of electronics they have been taught.

QSOCS is dedicated to creating a skilled workforce for the semiconductor industry by offering training in many crucial areas like implementation, verification and design of VLSI in the semiconductor industry. The vision of the company is to explore, enrich and expand the field of semiconductor technology by offering top quality solutions and resources. Hence it offers the best of VLSI courses in Bangalore.

The institute believes in the credo-‘Quality first’. As such, it provides the best quality training delivered by top quality professionals and trainers and the best workshops in the industry. It is keen to provide batches of focused, well-trained and skilled professionals. At the same time, it is committed to students to offer high-grade training in most current technological developments. It is also devoted to ensure that every one of its students continues to be proactive and productive members of the industry.

The institute has a most modern learning environment which is highly accessible, beautifully designed, healthy, safe and comfortable. It has the capacity to accommodate specific equipment and space needs of the curriculum and training program. It even has extra facilities like a few business desks meant for students to carry out their vital business functions along with their training sessions.

QSOCS is well staffed with well-experienced and well-qualified faculty. All the tutors are working professionals with more than 8 years’ experience in their respective domains. The institute has also a long log of industry experts who serve as visiting faculty to conduct interactive sessions, throughout the course period.

At the institute, every classroom session is followed by practical sessions in the lab, under the supervision of experienced faculty. Its pool of trainers includes methodology specialists, system analysts, system architects and design crackers. As such students are assured of top-grade training.

About The Company: QSOCS (www.qsocs.com) is a Bangalore based institute training electronics students in the field of semiconductor technology. IT offers top-grade professional training in VLSI design, verification and implementation.